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Welcome to the official Sersea Educational Services Website!

What would you do if you had hundreds of website domains, online hosting space, and a desire to help make the internet a more useful and transformative vehicle for constructive social and environmental change? is a family of websites, web-tools, online services, online communication, and learning platforms that aims to benefit the world.  Our educational-social (edusocial) efforts started off small, with individual websites for students in the mid-to-late 1990s. Around 2006, we began creating news and information blogs to connect and inform people from across the world.  We started building blogs for each American state, as well as nearly 150 countries of the world… Eventually, we moved forward and began building online communities on different social  platforms, culminating with Facebook and Twitter.

We’re now happy to report that our 45 or so edu-social pages and communities on Facebook, including our world-famous English Online Academy page for international English Learners, are totaling over 1.3 million followers, while our dozens of Twitter pages number numerous thousands of fans as well.   For years now, we have been sharing transformative news, information, as well as tools and resources for learning English online, increasing knowledge, and collaborating with others towards a more peaceful and self sustaining world.

We also offer a variety of free audio-video-text chat and online conference platforms for students, teachers, families, colleagues, and individuals from around the world to connect and collaborate. We have already unveiled our latest online chat website, (for desktops and laptops) and (for tablets and mobile phones) featuring numerous topic-based chat rooms, scheduled chat events.  We have numerous other chat and conference room platforms – just visit

We’re currently developing a variety of low-cost online courses and membership-based learning opportunities and continue to offer and add more educational web tools and platforms for online publishing and interaction.  Within the next few weeks we will unveil our own educational internet radio station, as well as our own educational webcam service, matching online teachers from the USA with online international students who are serious about improving their knowledge and skills.

We are happy you have joined us. To learn more about us, please visit our “ABOUT US” page.  To connect with us, please visit our “CONTACT US”. Welcome aboard.

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