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    • is part of Sersea Education Services / Teach Me Help Me Educational Services established in 2006, in Irvine, California, USA. In the past, we have offered on-site SAT Test Preparation as well as English Reading workshops through our partnership with Irvine Valley College School of Continuing Education. While we offer many edusocial online sites and web-tools, we're currently focusing our efforts on our wide array of online courses, educational consulting, and English tutoring for international English learners. Our site aims to be a useful, transformative, and entertaining educational-social family of websites, web tools, and online services for students, families, tutors, educators, educational institutions, and other organizations. and all related sites, tools, and products, aim to make the internet more accessible for the international community, through platforms for communication and interaction, shared knowledge, as well as tools and services to help individuals help themselves to greater knowledge and success online and offline. Whether you're using our online helpful sites such as the online English Dictionary, EduSharer, DocuSharing, English Online Academy, Hear My Faith, Daily Facts, or even our Poll Creation and Hosting Service, we're here to help make the internet a more educational and informative resource. Our numerous sites, including world-famous English Online Academy are dedicated to online learning, including a variety of edusocial communities on Facebook numbering well over 1.6 million followers, are designed with the aim of constructive use and interaction on the internet by people from all over the world, in the aims of furthering knowledge, understanding, and peace. is the creation of a passionate educator, I.E. Sersea, M.A., M.A.T., based in Irvine, California, USA, who believes in the possibility that the internet can be a transformative vehicle for furthering peace, diminishing violence, corruption, and pollution, and creating a more peaceful, and more environmentally self-sustaining world.
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